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March 24, 2005 - RemoteTech will be changing its Home Services software framework to Linktivity's Web Interactive. Changes will be affective some time late second quarter. Current users will require no additional knowledge of this system. Further information will be available soon.


March 20, 2005 - The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee in their February 2005 report to GW writes "...infrastructure of the United States, which is now vital for communication, commerce, and control of our physical infrastructure, is highly vulnerable to terrorist and criminal attacks." It goes on to say that "fundamentally new approaches are needed to address the more serious structural weaknesses of the IT infrastructure" and finally offers "four key findings and recommendations on how the Federal government can foster new architectures and technologies to secure the Nation's IT infrastructure." Here is yet another, not surprising, bleak outlook for cyber security in the United States. The full 72-page report can be found here ."


December 14 - RemoteTech is now offering VoIP along side with commercial Wifi Services. With obvious connections between both technologies, RemoteTech feels it is vital to include them as a pair. If your company is looking to further improve it's on-site wireless communication capabilities please review these services or Contact Us.


Nov 1, 2004 - RemoteTech is proud to announce that it has officially launched to the business community. RemoteTech is looking forward to its influence on the I.T. community. We will be posting all company news and press releases here. Please continue to check this page and various other pages throughout the site for updates.


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