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Managing Change
In today's high pace, constantly developing world, more and more businesses are feeling the negative effects of an 'If it's not broken, don't fix it' attitude.  At RemoteTech we understand that many companies can no longer afford to stay behind the times and are making technical advancement a priority.  RemoteTech consultants have a range of experience and can offer in depth consulting on IT and technical advancement, as well as technical business process integration.  Through this partnership, RemoteTech can manage a constantly changing business environment, as well as re-evaluating resource expenditure.  RemoteTech can also reduce costs by implementing IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing.  Furthermore, we ensure complete reliability by making project efficiency and completion a contractual stipulation.  RemoteTech can help turn the constant change that is so common place in the business world into an advantage.
Our key change management services attend to:

  • Companies entering new markets
  • Understanding automation systems to reduce workload on Human Resources
  • Transition planning
  • Organizational assessment
  • Communication


Who We Are
RemoteTech is an IT services and consulting company located in London, Ontario, Canada.  It is the only company in Ontario to offer a range of automatic data warehousing and full IT consulting, as well as offer Remote Technical Support Home Services.  RemoteTech Focuses on first analyzing the business process of each individual customer, so it can ascertain which services are most required.  Its staff of systems analysts and customer associates then gives you their recommendation and allows you to completely customize the services you receive.  This allows you a range of choice from deciding to implement only the most urgently needed changes to fully updating all your systems with the most leading edge technology.   RemoteTech is also constantly incorporating customer feedback into the application of systems upgrade or maintenance, so adjustments to operations can be made freely at any time.  This is all part and parcel of RemoteTech's customer policy, which guarantees satisfaction with all the services we offer.  It is important to us not only service one-time contracts, but to develop long term relationships with local businesses, providing long term long term mutually sustainable growth.  As an emerging company in London, RemoteTech is able to offer not only our guarantee of your satisfaction with our services, but also extremely competitive rates on those services.  RemoteTech is raising the standard for supplying local businesses with low cost, high quality data backup and warehousing, as well as IT consulting.  We also offer a revolutionary form of Remote Technical Support Home Services. These Home Services provide not only live online Technical support for home users, but also a "guiding hand" to demonstrate how to fix the problem.  Here is a breakdown of our three major Services.

Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing can most simply be described as backing up a company’s curtail data electronically.   RemoteTech builds on this concept to provide a range of services that will cater to the needs of different sized companies while offering full advantage to our customers. 

The most basic package of features involves giving customers complete access to storing files both of RemoteTech's high security servers simultaneously.  This access is provided though a user friendly web portal that can be logged on to though the internet.  Once viewed, this portal is visually similar and as easy to use as Windows Explorer.  In short, though this easy to use portal, you will have 24/7 access to all the files you chose to have backed up (which can be done manually or automatically, at the customer's discursion) from any location that receives the internet.  This service is extremely useful in eliminating other time consuming and hard to manage data backup methods, such as CD and hard copy.  It can also be very useful in a number of other instances, such as transferring data between business offices, or facilitating data transfer while working on the road.

Further packages offer varying degrees of integration with the RemoteTech servers.  Integrating many parts of a customer's business process can increase efficiency because of the applications RemoteTech uses to organize and combine the data stored.  For example a manufacturing company could automatically combine the data from their inventory and shipping records to manage product distribution or predict future trends.  At an even higher level RemoteTech offers full Remote Application Hosting, which eliminates the customer's need to manage any of their network, systems, or hardware maintenance by completely running their system off of the RemoteTech servers.  At this level, full unification of a business's data is offered, and no maintenance of any kind is required.

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IT Consulting
As well as Data Warehousing, RemoteTech offers IT consulting.  The consulting process of course starts with a full analysis of your company by RemoteTech systems analysts.  We then propose any appropriate changes ranging networking concerns, to application updates to the implementation of technologies like VoIP (which allows customers to effectively run their phone signals through the internet, avoiding costly phone charges).   Once again, customer input is vital to all stages of RemoteTech's implementation process.  This way we can ensure customer satisfaction as well as providing leading edge IT consulting.

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Home Services
RemoteTech's Home services are a revolutionary method of supplying home users with the highest quality technical support for their everyday problems.  It combines congenital text or over the phone communication with an online link with the technical representative allowing the customer to actually see the cursor on their screen moving to fix the problem.  This unique service offers customers the ability to actually see how to fix their problem with out having a technical support repetitive actually come to their house.

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